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FREE Network & Security Assessment


We offer a FREE 3rd party Network and Security Assessment of your office computers and network.  This is a $575 value.

Network Stability


A stable computer network in your office requires several things.  We can help you build, or refine your existing network to make it reliable in any environment.  



For your computer network equipment to remain fast and reliable, it needs regular technical support maintenance just like your car to stay in optimal performance.

Network & Computer Security


Office security and protection against viruses, malware, ransomware, is always on the top of mind now a days with so many attacks it's important. 

Disaster Recovery


Are you prepared in the event an office PC is stolen? What about a fire in your office? How much is your time worth if your internet completely goes down? We can help plan for all these things. 

Emergency Service


No contract required to request emergency service.  Getting the problem resolved is the first priority.  We also have options for emergency internet service.  -

Network & Security Assessment

Network & Security Assessment

We offer a FREE on site Network Health and Security Assessment.  

A minimum $575 value

How our Network and Security Assessment works: 

We have purchased 2 advanced software tools that are completely non-intrusive, when plugged into your network discover all the devices in your network and also collect reporting information.  Personal information or passwords are never stored or collected.

Once the data is collected it is taken back to our Techie Dudes lab where the report generator creates 26 different reports.  Our technical support team then reviews the reports and summarizes it into a summary document along with 4 to 6 of the most relevant reports to be reviewed. 

Techie Dudes will  then schedule a time with you  to review the reports and findings, along with any recommendations to increase the security and reliability of your computer network.  

The Free assessment includes all this:

  • Onsite initial consultation 
  • Running the SW data collection discovery tool on your network
  • Technical analysis of your computer and network reports
  • Customized written summary of the assessment review
  • Onsite review discussion of the assessment summary and recommendations


Network Stability

Network Stability is Critically Important

If you don't have a network or computers that you trust and can rely on, then you are most likely wasting money messing with and troubleshooting your computer network when you could be doing business.  

Does your internet bounce, or drop? 

Do you experience long pauses waiting for the network or your computer to respond?  

Does it take a long time for your computer to boot up? 

We perform a full study of your computer network equipment in your office to properly understand how we can help through a network assessment. 

Schedule your free business assessment 651-330-6483

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Contact us today for IT Service, or book a FREE onsite Network and Security Assessment.   



When you get a new computer it's lighting fast.  That's because there is very little actually running on it besides the operating system.  Then as you load applications, programs, load documents, surf the internet for information, maybe play a game, it continues to get loaded with cookies, history, additional start up programs, temporary items in your memory, and becomes slower over time.  Your computer hasn't changed it's speed, it's just bogged down with so much crud that it's having a hard time doing it's basic functions.  

If you wait for your computer just 15 seconds every time you pull up a document or change screens, and you pull up a document or change screens 10 times an hour, you would be wasting 1.6 hours a week.   Which is significant, but when you translate that into time wasted per year that's 86 hours a year wasted.  That's over two weeks. 

Add in filtering through spam emails, maybe pop ups, hard drive full, memory shortage running slow and it could easily be more than 2 weeks per year.  All of these things contribute to inefficiency in an office.  Your computer network is similar to your car it needs regular maintenance and technical support to continue to perform at it's optimal speed.  


Network & Computer Security

Network & Computer Security

Computer Network security is on the top of mind for a lot of businesses, and it should be.  Over 60% of small businesses that are cyber attacked go out of business with 6 months.

Company data is named as one of the top 2 assets in any company.  Why gamble with it?

If you play or watch football, take this analogy.  Your business data is like the football, it's a valuable asset to the game.  You wouldn't put just one lineman in front of you to protect the ball.  NO, you would have as many as you could to protect your asset.  

Your business data is like that, having just a good anti-virus program on your computer is not enough.  Think about a secondary layer,  or a firewall unit, or a more advanced router, all of which add more layers of security to your network.  

Give us a call to discuss your computer network security, whether it's just one computer or a whole office, we can help.   651-330-6483


Disaster Recovery

Disaster Recovery

Do you think you are going to live forever?  Of course not!

Do you think your computer is going to run forever?  Of course not! That's ridiculous

Accidents are going to happen, environmental acts are going to happen.  

This may be the second most important consideration for your business network.  Make sure your data and important information is always backed up.  

We recommend having both a local copy (somewhere in your office) and a remote (or cloud) copy.  Many people reply solely upon their cloud copy for their computer network.  Did you know it can take days to restore your data from the cloud storage?   

If your computer suddenly goes dead, you can always go buy a new one, and if you have the right local backup, Techie Dudes as your IT Service Provider can restore your computer and get you back running in a couple hours vs days.  

To learn more about Disaster Recovery options and data back up's, please give us a call to discuss a custom solution for you.  651-330-6483

Or better yet, schedule a Free Network Assessment to get a full review and recommendations from our Technical Support .  


Emergency Service


No Contract, No Problem

We would be happy to be your IT service provider for your computer network even if you don't currently have a contract with us.  In the event you need emergency Technical Support, your priority is our priority.  Our typical response time for emergency service is one hour during normal business hours Monday through Saturday.   

After hours Emergency Service

We are available on a best effort basis to the availability of our technicians outside of our normal business hours.  We have a 7X24 emergency Technical Support phone number you can access by calling our normal Techie Dudes office number.  One of our technicians will answer and be dispatched to your location for emergency repair of your Computer Network.  

**There will be a emergency dispatch fee added to the normal hourly rates for any after hours dispatch.  

Internet outage?

If your business is down because your internet is completely out, we have an emergency solution for that.  We can provide immediate internet service within 1 hour during normal business hours.  No internet connection required.