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Onsite and walk in services

Techie Dudes is  Comptia A+ repair certified

We provide both on-site and carry in/drop off service for all your  computer repair needs! Diagnostics for all of your devices are FREE. You only pay for the problems you want us to fix.

Home Computer Repair
Whether you choose to stop by or have us come to you, we can help with all the computer and network issues you face. Below is a short list of what we can help you with.

  • Virus or malware removal
  • Anti- Virus or Anti-malware SW loaded
  • MS Office account setup, including outlook
  • Data recovery and restoration of computer
  • WiFi & Router connectivity issues
  • Printer problems or connectivity issues
  • Setting up a new computer or migrating data from one computer to another.

Most of the connectivity problems you face are linked with the network environment your devices are in. In these cases we highly recommend you book an onsite diagnostic appointment so that we can properly diagnose the complete problem. 

Speed up your old computer 

When your computer is new there is nothing loaded on it and it is lightening fast.  Over the period of a couple of years you load programs, surf the web, and load pictures and documents on the computer.  By the time the computer is 3 years old is bogged down with crud making it slow to perform it's basic functions.  

Techie Dudes can breath life back into that old computer and make is much faster again by cleaning the hard drive of old clutter and unused programs freeing up the resources to make it like near new again for a very reasonable price.

If you really want a boost to the speed, replace that old hard drive with a new SSD (Solid State Hard Drive) and your computer will boot up in a matter of a few seconds rather than minutes.  A Hard Drive is the slowest part of any computer, and with a new SSD you will notice a dramatic difference in your computers performance.  

Home Computer repair: Whether at home or carry-in, we can help you out.

Home Computer repair: Whether at home or carry-in, we can help you out.